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  •  Customised Progressive Program
  • The progressive nature of this program ensures your body is challenged & adapts throughout the process. This way you minimise risk of relapse & maximise longevity of results
  •  Your Program At Your Fingertips
  • Log in to your program from anywhere. Whether you’re home or away you can stay on track with the interactive app.
  •  Video Demonstrations & Explanations
  • Pictures just don’t do the job! Watch videos in your own time to make sure you understand exactly how to complete each exercise.
  •  Results Tracking & Alerts
  • Chart your progress as you work through the weeks. Plus choose your own reminder times to make sure you stick to the plan.
  •  Additional Support Videos
  • Extra videos to support you, topics such as using ice the correct way, when to use it, and for how long, as well as other strategies to ensure your success.
  •  Consultation Call
  • Start off with a call with one of the clinical staff at The Mayfair Clinic to get a better understanding of you, and how we can best customise your program for success.
  •  Built-in Chat & Support
  • You’re only ever one click away from us, the chat feature of the app you’ll be using allows you to give feedback & for us to help refine your program in real-time.
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